February 23, 2018

Is Buying Your Teen a Used Vehicle the Right Call?

Has your teenage son or daughter been dropping you hints as of late that they’d like a used vehicle?

Well, if so, that can be a tough call to make for you or any parent for that matter.

First, you have to think if they are responsible enough to be driving their first car moving forward.

Second, there is the fear that you could end up buying them something that is less than safe.

Last, you might have pause due to financial constraints within the house.

So, is buying your teen a used vehicle the right call at the end of the day?

Responsibility is a Key Ingredient

When thinking of a used vehicle for your kid, make sure their level of responsibility is high.

Remember, you know your teenager better than anyone else. As a result, think things through on the vehicle call.

Among the questions you want to be able to answer:

· Will my teen drive in a responsible manner? – You don’t want your teen taking their driving duties in a light manner. From not using a cell phone to avoiding reckless driving, will they be responsible?

· Will my teen take care of the vehicle? – While you do not expect your teen to pay for major repair bills, you do want them taking care of the vehicle. From keeping the tires at the right inflation to letting you know if the brakes seem bad, they need to be pro-active.

· Will my teen put some money towards gas and other needs? – Can you figure on your teen paying for gas and other smaller needs for a vehicle you might get them?

Do Your Research Before Signing the Papers

Before thinking about getting a used vehicle, you want to make sure the auto gets a thorough review.

One way to go about this is to investigate the vehicle identification number.

In looking at why you would check a VIN, this is key because that number tells you several important facets.

From if it is has been in an accident or two to the make and model, you want to know as many details as possible. Although an accident report does not always surface during such a check, it can very well show up. A vehicle that has been in a serious accident compared to a fender-bender is something you want and need to know.

Last, compare the price to buy the used vehicle with others of similar circumstances. Are you in fact going to get a good deal by going with seller A or seller B?

When it comes to money and buying a vehicle, you want to make sure you do not come out on the losing end.

So, when your teen says they would like you to buy them a used vehicle, will you give them the answer they want?

If so, it could be music to your teen’s ears.

And for you, you have a happy teen thanking you for your purchase.