February 21, 2018

Stairway to Style, How To Choose The Right Staircase For Your Home 

Stairs in the home are not only important for their practical use, but also an important style aspect and it is crucial that when selecting the right staircase design for you, there is much more to consider than simply the ergonomic aspects. There are many locations in and around the home where you could install stairs, beyond the basic main staircase, indeed you could install an outdoor metal staircase in the garden to installing some spiral stairs which can take you from a bedroom to a loft space. Whatever your need for stairs are, here are some of the aspects which you should be considering before you decide on which style, and which type of stairs your home requires.


As with most aspects of design in the home, cost will play a large part in your decision making process, and so you should start off by working on a budget in terms of how much you want to pay out for different staircases at home. Some of the best deals exist on the internet and you can find some great prices on staircases online UK-based companies offering some excellent rates. Use these online prices as a guide to what you can do with your budget.

Space in the Home

Space in the home will largely dictate the kind of stairs which you eventually decide upon, and you may need to be creative with the stairs of your choice, in order to maximise space. For example you may need to look at some scissor stairs for a loft access, which means that the stairs only descend from the loft when they are needed. Equally, you may need to look at spiral staircases which occupy far less space than something grander. Understand your home’s spacial requirements before you start looking into which stairs to install.


Style is a very important factor to consider as the stairs in the home have a huge impact on the overall look in the home. There are some incredibly chic and stylish pieces on the market such as suspended staircases or even artistically-deigned pieces with sleek curves and railings. Naturally you will also need to consider the colours in your home and then choose whether you will opt for a rustic wood designed staircase or perhaps something more modern like chrome and metal fittings. You staircase must fit into its surroundings, so style is very important.

Building Codes

Finally, it is important that you understand what the building codes or regulations are in the home. Sometimes these codes will place restrictions on the height, pitch or the depth of your stairs, so make sure that you understand what these are, and that you are selecting a staircase which falls in line with the rules.

Invest the time into the decision-making process of choosing a staircase, and you can make sure that your choice for this large item in the home, is one which will greatly enhance the style that you have chosen.