July 7, 2016

Baby Shower Gift Ideas Perfect for Second-Time Moms

Looking for some Baby Shower Gift Ideas for a 2nd time mom?

Image by Bambiebabe48 via Flickr

Being a mum the second time around is always easier. Parents are more prepared and know what to expect. However, buying a useful present that has practical value is still very important when a mum is expecting her next baby. How come? Bringing a new-born into this world is normally an overwhelming and stressful experience. It’s only normal for a mum-to-be to get nervous no matter how many children she has had.

You can make things a little bit easier, however, by purchasing useful baby gifts. When you buy a useful baby product which has both the mum’s and baby’s interests at heart, you can never go wrong. A mother can never have it all, so it’s up to you to discover the perfect gift that you can bring to the baby shower.

We have written this article to help give you some ideas as it can be tricky to think of creative baby gifts that still have a practical value in the home. So here are some baby shower gift ideas to get your brain ticking:

Fetal heart-rate monitoring device

Any expecting mother would love that ultimate bit of piece and mind to ensure her baby is safe and healthy. The fetal heart rate monitor works when they baby is around 10 weeks old. This means the mother can listen to those precious heartbeats as the baby continues to grow between the trips to the doctor.

Body pillow

The body pillow is great for comfortable night sleeps leading up to the birth. They are top sellers in the maternity department on massive stores such as Amazon so you can tell mums-to-be love this product. As the baby grows and the weight is heavier on the body, this really helps support the mum’s hips, stomach, back and neck as she sleeps.

A musical gift

Why not get her something others wouldn’t have thought of. Maybe the baby already has musical parents but even if that’s not the case, a prenatal audio belt is a great present.

Research has shown that music is in fact essential to the growth of a baby’s brain. As they can hear sounds from around 17 weeks, this gift will go a long way in developing the brain and harnessing a musical ear before the child is even born!

On-the-go UV sterilizer for dummies

To ensure there are no germs or ‘nasties’ on your baby’s dummy after the countless times they drop it on the floor, you can use this UV sterilizer no matter where you are. These nifty devices are awesome for getting rid of any germs picked up from the floor and ensuring the dummy is clean when it returns to the baby’s mouth.

Bottle warmer

This is an essential product in any mother’s books and will help stored breast milk be at a comfortable drinking temperature for the baby. Whether the milk is stored in the fridge or freezer, the warmer will reheat it to a safe level.

These presents can do the mother and baby a world of good and show you really care for their needs.