February 21, 2014

You Deserve Better… You Deserve Costa Rica


Congratulations! You are finally going to visit Costa Rica and now you need to pick your specific destination. Hopefully you are looking at some place like the national park of Manuel Antonio, or maybe the Arenal Volcano, or beaches of the Gold Coast. Whatever your Costa Rican destination, don’t make this another boring hotel hop, staying in a very westernized accommodations and missing the true flavor of Costa Rica, or even worse staying someplace where you can’t relax. To get the most out of your trip, and in many cases to save money, consider staying in a home or condo rental, such as one of Manuel Antonio’s Beach Rentals. You will find your stay not only surprisingly affordable, but private, and wrapped in a blanket of security for your family.


Affordable.The perception for many travelers is that a private rental will cost substantially more than a hotel room, and while it is true that rock bottom accommodations exist, like staying in a hostel and sharing your privacy with others, nothing will give the value for spending like a private rental can. To understand how, you only need to consider the housing boom of the early 2000’s. This phenomena happened in Costa Rica, and because of this, places like Manuel Antonio have a surplus of private homes. As in any fair market economy, with so many options available, pricing has gone and stayed down. For example, in Manuel Antonio, during high season a hotel rental for two adults and two children starts around $250 per night, and goes up as high as $1000 depending on the level of service you expect. For these same prices you can rent a villa or home, with more rooms, more privacy, your own pool, and more personalized service.


Private.Take your pick: a pool with twenty screaming children, two of which are yours, and a pool deck littered with people, or how about a pool with maybe six other adults enjoying themselves responsibly, where your kids are sharing stories with the “neighbor kids” about their adventure from earlier in the day. When you book a private rental you share the pool with less people, sometimes nobody. Most private rentals, even villas and condos, offer a greater sense of privacy than what the average five-star hotel can provide. And the people you may meet on property? They become trusted community for your stay, like sample sized neighbors you look forward to running into at the end of your day.


Security.Travel always brings up this subject, and when it comes to your family, why shouldn’t it? With few neighbors in a private rental, and with the commensurate private attention, you won’t worry about leaving behind your things when you head out for the day’s adventures. And with so much to do, such as white-water rafting, zip-lining through canopies, or deep water fishing (just to name a few options) you will be happy to know you can head out with you family carefree. With a rental you will also have access to a concierge service for getting recommendations on the adventures with the best reputation, so inside and out, you see Costa Rica knowing you are taken care of.

One needn’t look far to find out how awesome Costa Rica is; it’s truly a place of wonder, and it seems you are on the right path to great vacation. See the sights, dine in the restaurants, and learn to surf the waves, but do it in a way that your family deserves. Leave them wondering how you managed to afford such lush accommodations, and in the private, secure way you want to travel. Happy hunting, safe travels in Costa Rica, and everywhere you go.

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