November 6, 2012

Traveling as a Family to Guernsey


Guernsey Island has made a name for itself as a vacation and tourist hotspot in the world thanks to the many interesting things to do in the island. The fact that there are many tourist destinations as well as vacation spots on the island makes it compete very well with other popular destinations worldwide. The island comes fully loaded with 5 star hotels as well as great sandy beaches on which you can enjoy the sun in summer. There are also lots of fun and inexpensive activities to do outdoors, making the island an ideal destination for families looking to take a trip together and enjoy the outdoors. Traveling as a family can often be expensive, but Guernsey Island offers some great advantages to allow you to cut down on coasts and get out in the sun. Here we look at three great reasons to head to the island with the family.

Cheap Flights

The cheap flights to Guernsey Island are the major reason as to why this island has been able to carve a niche for itself in the global tourism market. It does not matter the season in which you travel to and from Guernsey; you will still enjoy the best airfare packages that have not been seen anywhere else before. You will often only have to part with 152 dollars as airfare whenever you fly to the island from London. This is an unbelievably cheap rate as compared to flying to other destinations that are even closer to London than Guernsey Island. The fares include all taxes and fees except baggage fees, hence you do not have to worry about any hidden charges popping up later. There are many renowned airlines that operate this route, hence you can be sure to find the most comfortable as well as safe flights whenever you travel to this island. With such cheap flights to Guernsey Island, you have no excuse not to have your family join you on your vacation.

World Class Accommodation

There are also great hotels on Guernsey Island that make your stay on the island worth your every single penny you spend. The hotels on the island are just as good as the five star hotels found at other popular tourist destinations the world over, only they offer you and your family a location packed with outdoor fun. Among the hotels in which you can stay are Old Government House Hotel, Duke of Richmond Hotel, St Pierre Park Hotel and Golf, The La Trelade Hotel among many other hotels on the island. All these hotels have ratings of between four star and five star due to the fact that they have all the amenities that you may need. Many of them even offer activities for kids, meaning you can schedule some time away if you’re looking to sneak a bit of romance into the trip as well.

Tourist Attractions

The tourist attractions on Guernsey Island also make the island among the best places to vacation in the world with your family. There are great sandy beaches and bays, as well as great orchid fields and ancient prehistoric remains and millennium tapestries. Among the attractions that you can visit while on Guernsey Island include Guernsey Aquarium, The Little Chapel, Bumblebee Boat Cruises, German Naval Signals Headquarters, LihouIsland, The Guernsey Tapestry, The St James Concert and Assembly Hall as well as Le Dehus Dolmen among other attractions.These sights compete on an affordability level, and ensure that your family will learn a little something while exploring the island, though they may not even realize it because they’re having so much fun!

With so much to do and such affordable flights, Guernsey Island should definitely be at the top of any family’s travel list. It’s a great destination for escaping the daily grind and getting a little family time in. There’s a lot to learn about the local people and their history, so make sure you plan some extra time for learning, too!

Photo Credit: heatheronhertravels