April 14, 2014

Tips for traveling: Common Problems Solved

Traveling with your family can be a wonderful, memorable experience. It can be so rewarding sharing the excitement and adventure of exploring new places with your children and loved ones. Traveling expands personal horizons far beyond anything experienced by staying at home and taking vacations together as a family is one of the greatest bonding experiences you can have. Yu will experience so many joys, new sights and challenges and over the coming years will have each other to share all the memories with. So, before you head out for that great family trip, check out our tips which are intended to help ensure everything goes smoothly.

Packing tips

When you are traveling with the whole family, it can be very tempting to over pack. You might anticipate all sorts of situations where you will need the stroller, extra diaper bag, toys for the kids or lots of extra clothes for cold weather. While it is true that you will need to pack extra when traveling with children, do not overdo it. You will only suffer when you have to drag around lots of extra heavy luggage trying to run for that flight. Instead, minimize the amount of clothing you pack and instead take basics that can be worn again and again. Use travel-sized toiletries and pack items for the kids in a convenient carry-on so they will be all set for the plane ride. Remember, anything you leave behind you can always purchase on the go if it’s really necessary.

Traveling with children

Traveling often involves a lot of waiting around at airports and the like, which can be really difficult when you are traveling with kids. You might have a delayed flight or train or find yourself waiting to check into your hotel room. Whatever the situation may be, prepare yourself with ways to keep your kids happy away from home. Small snacks are important to prevent children from getting fussy because they are hungry. Pack kid-friendly snacks for plane and train trips; think cut-up fruit and veggies, crackers, raisins and cereal in a baggie. Bring along some of your kids’ favorite books to read when they are feeling impatient. If they are into electronic games go ahead and indulge them by letting them bring along a portable game player or music player to entertain them on those long trips.


When you are traveling with the entire family, sticking to a budget can be one of the greatest challenges of all. Not only do you have multiple times the transportation fares, but everyone wants to try a different activity and food and admissions charges all add to the cost. Try renting rooms through Airbnb, where you can stay in an apartment or house for a fraction the price of a hotel room. A bonus is that you will often have a kitchen where you can cook some meals, rather than eating out at a restaurant every day, which can be a real budget-blower. If you do run out of money, do not panic, there are always ways to deal with this problem and be on your way. Try getting a money transfer from Trans-Fast, which is a super convenient way to get you back on your feet.