October 15, 2012

Tips for Taking Your Children on a Ski Trip

Winter is a period for having fun, making stronger family bonds and developing memories of childhood. An activity that many families take pleasure in skiing, but organising a ski trip, while rewarding, has numerous challenges. To make everybody enjoy this trip, as an organizer, you should be ready with some outing tips. When planning for a ski trip with your kids, you can use the following tips:

Tips for Taking Your Children on a Ski Trip – Introduce your family to snow

Young children who are seeing snow for the first time may get scared of it. So they should taste and touch it as well as play, run and slide on it. Let it be a fun event for them. Get them familiar with it.

Due to the fast growth rate of children, renting ski equipment for them would certainly be smart. Pick it up the previous night and let them try it. It will be easier if they learn to use ski boots on a stable ground first after which they can try them in the snow.

Tips for Taking Your Children on a Ski Trip – Dress Them Smartly

Ensure that they wear the right attires for the prevailing weather. Overdressing your kids when the weather is warm and underdressing them when it’s a bit cold, are all uncomfortable. For easy movement, the clothing should be moderate. Non-cotton based socks keep your baby’s feet warm. Windproof and waterproof gloves, jackets and pants are best. Goggles, sunscreen and ski helmet will also be necessary.

Tips for Taking Your Children on a Ski Trip – Plan ahead

For a day trip, significant time should be allocated for driving to the ski slopes. Most adults may get angered and lose patience with their children if there is a ski traffic congestion. Therefore, prepare your car the previous night as well as breakfast for the next day. These would make your trip much easier.

Tips for Taking Your Children on a Ski Trip – Know your limits

You should register your kids for ski lessons if you aren’t ready to sacrifice your ski trip time. It takes time and tolerance to teach children. If you lose patience, get angry and start shouting at them as they try to learn, they lose heart of trying.

Tips for Taking Your Children on a Ski Trip – Ski School

If you have an option to enroll your children in ski school, do it. Reserve ski school and daycare online. Downloading and filling the necessary forms would save time. Make a list of any necessary drugs, known allergies, contact information, dietary restrictions and any issues of parental custody. For your child to settle into his/her class, arrive in time. Leave them alone with the instructor as your presence can cause them to less concentration. If need be, you may inquire from the trainer if you can meet your kid at lunchtime.

Tips for Taking Your Children on a Ski Trip – Go Play

Inquire from your child what they learnt at the end of each day. Check if they would want to go and play, and let them have fun to give them a bonding experience under relaxed environment. Let them not feel that they are continuing with the class. After playing down the mountain, examine if your kid has improved and let their teacher know it.

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Post by the Biro Family, Image by Bobaliciouslondon