June 26, 2013

Ten Reasons Why Kids Love Cruise Holidays

On a holiday cruise, it can be hard for the adults to get some well-earned ‘me’ time. However, on a Celebrity Cruise, there’s a moveable feast of activities and facilities that will thrill travellers young and old. Here are some of the best kid-friendly activities on Celebrity Cruises.

Youth Programmes 
On every Celebrity Cruise there are youth programmes which offer healthy, stimulating activities for both kids and teenagers. These are supervised by dedicated and experienced support staff, who understand that the definition of the word ‘fun’ varies widely across the age groups.

Toddler Time 
Toddler Time offers your under-3s a chance to interact and blow off some energy in the company of our staff and age-appropriate interactive toys. Do note that it’s necessary to have your child potty-trained for this, otherwise you will need to accompany them for playing.

The Fun Factory 
This is suitable for kids from toddler age to 11 years old. It features cool stuff like karaoke, crafts, sports, movies, treasure hunts, theme parties and much more. There’s a similarity here to the timeless methodology of the Scouts, but adapted to a naval theme. Your offspring are split into three groups, with little kids under six included under the banner of ‘shipmates’, ‘cadets’ aged between six and eight years, and ‘ensigns’ aged between nine and 11 years.

This is the ultimate chill-out place for teens, featuring popular teen activities like gaming, sports, karaoke and late-night dances hosted by Youth Counsellors.

Lunch and Dinner Means Party Time 
Celebrity Cruises offer a social and no doubt rowdy option for your kids, who can dine together along with youth support staff and their peers. This means you get the win-win option of letting the kids have fun with their new friends, while you enjoy a more refined and adult dining experience with your partner or friends. The fun never stops either with a nightly slumber party that happens from 10pm to 1am nightly.

Swimming Pool Games 
Kids will love spending the day with new friends in the swimming pool. And it’s not simply swimming going on there. There are organised pool volleyball competitions and other interactive activities that are supervised by a qualified swimming coach and supervisor.

There’s loads more activities on an action-packed Celebrity Cruise. Your kids will love you for it!

CC Gifford Clan