May 6, 2016

Retro crafts to try this spring

Photo by CC user ASSY on Flickr

Photo by CC user ASSY on Flickr

Retro Crafts are reminiscent of the good memories of flower power, peace rallies, and the generation that believed that love was the solution for all the world’s trouble. If you want to make your kids discover those yesteryears in a fun way, you could help them craft retro items while you could at the same time narrate the tales of the retro years. Well it’s not only the kids that can have fun, you too can turn back the hands of time at Bingo Extra – the superb retro styled online bingo site – where you can indulge in different variations of bingo, slot games, scratch cards, and table and card games.

Spring Art Decoration

The updated version of the spring art decoration is sure to make the young crafters fall in love with this old craft. To create the decorations, you require 4 Popsicle sticks, embroidery floss, and 4 plastic beads. Tie one corner of the frame to one end of embroidery floss with a square knot. Then you can wrap floss starting from the corner, then up under stick according to your preferred design. You can then use a clear fishing line to thread beads on its end. Then you can place the beads to the centre of the string art ornament. This can make a great ornament for Christmas. It’s never too early to get started.

Peace Sign with Shoelace

If you want your kids to keep in mind that changes can be brought peacefully, you can help them make a peace sign with Shoelace. For this craft, you will require hot glue, neon shoe laces for the retro effect, and embroidery hoop. On the embroidery frame, you can put a dab of glue and then start wrapping the shoelace around it in the form of the peace sign.

Paper Batik

Join in with your kids to make great artwork deco with paper batik. What you need here is white paper that are strong, crayons of different colours, large sheets of newspaper, dark coloured tempera paint, paint brush, and a bowl of water. Start by making abstract patterns or bold drawing all over the paper. Each point can then be coloured in different colours. Gently dip the finished drawing into a bowl of water. Gently crush the paper into a loose ball once it is totally immersed in water. After 10 minutes, remove the paper and squeeze it gently to remove the excess water. You may then open the paper ball and spread it on newspaper sheets. Then you can thin the tempera paint with some water and apply it over the entire paper. Finally you require to let it dry to have your batik paper design.

Similarly there are countless retro project that you can do together with your little ones such as window watchers of the yesteryears, sailboat string art, retro tie belts, geometric string stars, wrapper bracelets, and more. Crafting retro objects can become one of the best way to have fun with your kids.