April 24, 2018

Privacy is Precious: 5 Reasons You Might Want to Consider a Privacy Fence for Your Property

If you live in the countryside where there is plenty of land, then you may not understand the value of privacy. In such circumstances, you might get away with an open fence such as a barbed wire fence that only serves as a boundary while keeping strangers and wild animals at bay.

However, in cities and major towns, properties can be so squeezed that installing a barbed wire fence doesn’t help. For instance, in most cities, the distance between your house and neighbor’s house could be less than 10 meters, with a fence sitting five meters from each house. Imagine having a wire fence in such a situation! It might even start to appear like you’re sharing your home with the neighbors! And, that’s before you mention the people walking up and down the pavement in front of your home. Surely, you wouldn’t want all of them looking at you walk into and out of the house, would you?

This is where privacy fences come in. A privacy fence does a lot more than securing your property from intruders and wild animals; it also gives you the much-needed privacy. If you’ve not installed one yet, the following are five reasons you should strongly consider doing so;

  • Improve your privacy

As the name suggests, a privacy fence helps block people from peeking into your area. It also prevents you from seeing items beyond your home. Without the fence, you’d spend most of your time watching people walk up and down the street, and trying to hide from nosy neighbors interested in spying on your every move.

  • Security 

In addition to keeping your property private, privacy fences are also excellent at securing property. They do this in two ways. First, privacy fences keep your items away from the view of the bad guys. Secondly, even if a burglar wanted to try his or her luck, a property with a privacy fence is the last place they’d go because climbing up a fence is just too risky.

  • They are good for safety 

Adults may not depend so much on a fence for safety, but your baby and pets do. With the fence in place, babies can’t crawl into the neighbor’s property or, God forbid, into the streets. The same applies to pets. If you want to keep them from wandering off the property, find a landscaping Mississauga company to install a privacy fence around your home.

  • Protects your property 

If you live in a windy area, a privacy fence can protect you and your property from the damage of strong winds. Without the fence, a strong wind can raid your property, lift clothes off the line, and cause all kinds of damage to tender plants. But a privacy fence keeps such winds out, protecting you from the havoc.

  • Privacy fences add value to a property 

While most types of fences are good at their job, not many do better at increasing a property’s value than a privacy fence. A quality, well-maintained wall fence, for instance, can add thousands of dollars to your property’s value.

This type of fence can be a bit expensive to install, yes. But, budget allowing, this is the fence you should install. You’ll enjoy greater privacy, improved security, and numerous safety benefits while improving the value of your property.