September 22, 2012

Malta: The Best Family Vacation Spot

The most difficult decision to make while planning a holiday trip is to figure out the ‘destination’. There are so many beautiful countries across the globe and each famous for its specific charm, but the question remains the same which country to choose from all the choices? This decision is especially much more difficult when planning a trip with an entire family, where everyone has different views and have their own dream country. But in the end many people are not even aware of some of the most exotic countries in the world. Many people just have some obvious choices and never try to go beyond the horizon to discover some new countries that our planet has to offer. Malta is one of those destinations that has even more number of tourists than the locals living there, and if you are planning a holiday and never been to this part of the world then it’s time to pack your bags and start the best family vacation you’ve had in a while. At this time you might have a few question in your minds: “Why Malta?” and “Why is Malta the best family vacation spot?” Let’s just answer these questions with a simple sentence, ‘You will go back in time without the use of a time machine.’

Everyone wants to travel back in time, and since there are no time machines as yet, Malta is your hope to taste some flavors of the ancient history, with many buildings reflecting all great cultures that have ruled it from time to time and most architecture seems to have captured the souls of every culture.

The island of Malta has been ruled by many cultures throughout the past centuries and Greeks, Arabs, Romans, and Knights of Saint john are among the powers that once ruled this island. So the culture that you will experience is multi-dimensional. The beautiful sunshine combined with the seas breeze blowing across the island will keep you bathing on the sun for most of the day. The tantalizing sea food will keep your taste buds busy for a long time; it has enough rocky and sandy beaches to keep you busy for most of your trip.

Even though you won’t be spending much time in the hotels the hospitality will always please you. The combination of three S, Malta has everything that you always desired. The Sun, the Sea, and the Sand all in one beautiful island, so prepare to have thrice the fun. If you always wanted to discover the history within the water then this is your chance gear up with your scuba diving suit and witness the most amazing journey that Mediterranean Sea has to offer.

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Image by Maistora