September 24, 2012

Keeping Children Entertained On Planes


So you’ve made a family booking for a holiday in one of Europe’s tourist destinations, packed your bags and picked up the travellers cheques. Now there’s just one minor problem to overcome before you can enjoy the family friendly activities and special nights out in your destination of choice. It’s the challenge of keeping your kids entertained on a long haul flight. Thankfully the travel experts at Directline Holidays have come up with some excellent ideas, as highlighted in this article.

Encourage Them To Say Hi

Before the plane takes off your children will have the perfect opportunity to say hello to the other passengers aboard the plane. They may come across as being so cute and appealing that any noise and distraction may be forgiven later on during the journey.

Take Some Pictures Of The Holiday Destination

It is well worth taking some photographs to share with your children during the flight. They might� reveal the activity centres and natural wonders that you’ll see when holidaying in Costa del Sol with Directline Holidays. You can use these types of piccies when trying to persuade your kids to behave.

Pack Cuddly Toys And PJ’s

After the excitement of taking off and blowing raspberries at the flight attendants your children might become a little sleepy. You might clothe them in their snug pyjamas and hand them their favourite soft toys to take to noddy land.

Bring A Book Or Two

It might well be that you are travelling to a part of the world that’s completely new and exciting to your little ones. You could really capture their interest and imagination by reading some stories about exploration, such as Where The Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak, The Polar Express by Chris Van Allsburg or Oh The Places You’ll Go by Dr Seuss.

Give Them Some Brand New Toys

Your kids are absolutely bound to love the novelty of brand new toys. These could be as basic as a colouring book or as exciting as a gaming system. You’ll have the chance of some quiet time while they’re busy enjoying themselves.