June 27, 2017

Island Destinations Your Mini Travellers Will Love

Travelling with small children can be difficult as they get bored easily and it can be difficult to keep them happy and satisfied. Travelling to an island is a great way to travel with kids as you can change thing constantly with the options of exploring things on land, relaxing on the beach, or heading out on a boat to explore the area. Here are 5 island destinations that mini travellers will love.

Galápagos Islands

The Galápagos Islands are 900 km off the coast of Ecuador. They were made famous because Charles Darwin based his famed Theory of Evolution upon the wildlife and plants that he extensively studied in this area. The area is unique to many species of flora, fauna, and animals. You can visit giant tortoises that are more than a century old. Be sure to visit The Charles Darwin Research Centre that is still in operation.


Corfu is a Greek island and its coast is lined with plenty of beach resorts and villas for you to choose from. There are many different beaches to choose from and you can choose from pristine white sand, pebbles of various colours, and black rock. The area is rich in history as well so make sure you visit Corfu Town to see Palaio Frourio and the Temple of Artemis.

Lanzarote, Canary Islands

Travel to Western Africa and explore Lanzarote, which is one of the most beautiful of the Canary Islands. It is a fabulous place for a family vacation and there are plenty of activities to keep people of all ages entertained. The beaches are stunning and you can try water sports like windsurfing, scuba diving, snorkeling or spend your time relaxing in the sun.

For a great day at sea you can head out on a sailboat and try fishing or just explore the stunning coast. Make sure that you take the time to explore the volcanic landscapes and experience the thrill of riding a camel. There is plenty of great shopping at Teguise Market and you can barter for handbags, clothing, locally made crafts and hand painted ceramics.

The Maldives

The Maldives is a stunning archipelago that is situated in the Indian Ocean. There are 1,190 islands but only 200 of them are inhabited. The area is known for extensive coral reefs, beautiful blue lagoons and pristine white beaches. You can spend your days relaxing on one of the many beaches or trying your hand at water sports like scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing, and surfing. Rent an overwater bungalow and enjoy living in paradise.

Spend a day at sea on a boat and try fishing, or simply explore the coast. Be sure to visit the capital city of Male’ where you can wander through the fish market, explore the The Male’ Friday Mosque, Hukuru Miskiiy, and then go shopping in the market area for souvenirs, jewelry, and clothing.

Zanzibar, Tanzania

Zanzibar is a stunningly beautiful archipelago off the coast of Tanzania in Eastern Africa. Unguja is the main island and it is a fabulous place for visitors of all ages. The northern villages of Kendwa and Nungwi are filled with plenty of great accommodation. They also have fantastic beaches with pristine white sand and gem coloured water that you can spend your day swimming or snorkeling in. Be sure to take a trip to explore Stone Town and explore the rich history of the area.