November 16, 2013

Fun Things to do in Lapland

Lapland is known as the magical winter wonderland of Europe. Spanning across the north of Sweden, Finland, Norway and Kola Peninsula, this region that lies within the Arctic Circle has 200 days of winter, unending expanses of shimmery snow and a huge array of flora and fauna that will doubtlessly take your breath away. If you want to vacation in this region and have fun in the Lapland wilderness, book your accommodation at The Winter Circle, grab your warmest coats, and check out this list of things you can do.

· Lie under the northern lights overnight

The northern lights or the Aurora Borealis is often regarded as one of the most spectacular natural phenomena in the world. If you visit Lapland between January and April, you should be able to gaze at these bright lights through the night. The clearer the night sky, the brighter the colours seem to be!

· Go on a husky, reindeer or snowmobile safari

If you have grown up imagining Santa rides his sled to your house, it is time for you to go sledding by yourself. Hop on to a sled and choose whether you want to be pulled by huskies or reindeers. You can go on a long journey or opt for a short sprint around Lapland and this experience will definitely be one you remember. These safaris also serve you traditional food and hot beverages while ensuring you learn everything you can about the local culture. However, if you think that huskies and reindeers are too passé, you can hop on to a snowmobile instead.

· Visit Santa Claus Village and Santa Park

If you go as far as Lapland, you must visit Santa Claus Village and the underground amusement park that lies close by. Regarded as Santa’s official home, you can visit the local post office and Santa’s work office in this village. Check out the several souvenir shops and restaurants before you move towards Santa Park where you can watch elf shows, enjoy sleigh rides, attend Christmas workshops, ride carousels and shop to your heart’s content.

· Drop a visit to Levin Lapinkyla

This traditional farm in the heart of Lapland is where you can explore the local culture and witness native traditions from very close quarters. Not to mention, you will see a number of domestic animals that you did not imagine lived near the Arctic Circle. From smoke saunas to reindeer rides, boutique shops to authentic delicacies, here you can get a taste of everything that Lapland has to offer.

These apart, Lapland is renowned for many other activities that you can engage in if you want to have fun in the Lapland wilderness. Opt for a relaxing sauna or go ice fishing, ride a toboggan or hop on to a skidoo, go skiing or play ice hockey. Lapland has unending options for its visitors so visit the northern fringes of the world and discover a side of you, you did not know!

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