October 1, 2013

Enjoy A Husky Safari In Lapland

If you are heading to Finland for a winter vacation, you might be interested in how you can best experience the back country here. A number of people are starting to discover how much fun it can be to take a husky safari through the Lapland. The Lapland is the northernmost region of Finland, and will be likely to receive dense amounts of snow during the winter. This sets up the perfect opportunity for travelers to sled through some trails and see some of the incredible sights along the way. Read through if you would like to learn more about how to experience a husky safaris in the amazing Finnish Lapland.

First, you might be wondering what you should expect when you sign up for one of these tours. You can sled through these trails, being pulled by a team of huskies. These are dogs that are bred and trained to help pull a sled through dense snow. They are trained as a team, so they will be able to pull your sled with only a minimal amount of guidance. This is helpful for many travelers who may feel a little apprehensive about taking this on sometime. They can pull your sled while they are in an almost full run, so expect to blaze down trails at a surprisingly fast speed.

You might be interested in trying this as part of a larger package deal (in which case, you can see trips here). There are quite a few tours that will incorporate different husky sled pulling events along the way. You might want to try out ice fishing or hunting in the dense forests of Lapland. Check to see if a tour package features this kind of husky safari, because it can be a captivating and memorable experience for many travelers. You can even get a guide that will be able to show you some of the different major geographical features along different trails.

If you plan to spend multiple nights on a husky safari, make sure you have somewhere to stay at night. Many travel packages will feature deals that will provide stays in cabins along a trail. This can help make sure that you are comfortable and well rested each night during the tour. It can also get you prepared for other events along the way, such as cross country skiing. Check in to getting a deal that also lets you bring your children along as well, since they often enjoy getting to know the huskies. This can be a great way for families to bond and simply enjoy the beautiful landscape of Lapland during the winter months.

CC ChrisWild