October 3, 2012

Disney World Holidays – Dreams Can Come True

There’s no denying that Disneyworld holidays are the stuff that dreams are made of.  Despite the economic turmoil we find ourselves in, the connotation doesn’t have to imply unobtainable.  If the last few years have taught us anything, it’s that budgeting is key whether we’re talking our weekly shop or a longed for family holiday.

Disney World Holidays – The Internet is Your Friend

A family trip to Disney World is still possible with forward planning and a keen eye for a bargain deal from online travel operators.  A few hours research could save you precious money.  Search for companies who specialise in family  holidays to this magical theme park, Orlando and Florida to get the most for your money.  You’ll be amazed at how many affordable holidays to Orlando are just waiting to be snapped up by the savvy bargain hunter.

Disney World tickets and passes can be obtained online too so shop around for the best deals.  Also many websites offer discount coupons for attractions and family dining experiences, which can be printed off before you embark on your adventure.

Disney World Holidays – Expensive tastes

Undoubtedly the biggest drain on your holiday budget will be the temptation and convenience of eating at Disney World.  It’s just too easy with restaurants and snack bars at every turn offering themed treats that your children will find hard to resist.  Of course you’re on holiday and enjoying these perks is what it’s all about – but at a price!

So here are a few tips for the discerning parent to maximise those dollars, allow a few treats and most importantly keep hunger at bay:

Disney World Holidays – Breakfast

It will be hard to keep Disney Character Meals a secret from your brood, especially when other children are dinning with Mickey Mouse.  So if you find yourself succumbing to their pleading eyes, book a Character Breakfast for late morning as breakfasts are cheaper than Character Lunches.  Make sure you eat an early breakfast at your holiday accommodation or villa then your late Character Breakfast will essentially be an early lunch or brunch.

Disney World Holidays – Lunch

Another Disney trap to steer clear of is meals that automatically come with souvenirs.  Again this desire for Disney memorabilia will be hard for the kids to ignore.  A good option is to only buy one with a souvenir for your kids to share and the rest of the meals without.  This will reduce the amount of tears and pennies shed.

Disney World Holidays – Dinner

A chance to be waited on hand and foot in a restaurant is a welcome treat, especially if you’re the designated waiter or waitress at home at mealtimes.  However, you might not mind opting for the self-service option – called counter-service at Disney – when you know the exact same meal costs more when you opt for table-service.

Disney World Holidays – All That You Can Eat

If you’ve ever been to America before you’ll know that portion sizes are very generous.  When you’re hungry this may seem like the answer to your prayers but we all know how much truth there is in the saying ‘my eyes were bigger than my stomach’.  To save on wasting food as well as dollars, opt for sharing entrees and combo meals as some that are on offer are very sizeable indeed.

Of course the most obvious way to save money at mealtimes at Disneyworld is to bring your own food with you.  Since 2008, guests have been permitted to do this, which means you can pack your own lunch giving you and your family more control over the budget and what you eat.

With those bite-sized budgeting tips fully digested you’re ready to book your Florida holidays in 2013!

Guest post written on behalf of Ocean Florida. For more, information, visit oceanflorida.com!

Images by Thomas Jung and Durian