December 23, 2013

Best Family Travel Destinations in 2014

Travelling with the whole family is one of the best ways to bond. Obviously, there are challenges; but just like any other family activity, the upside is that there is almost unlimited fun at the end of it. A trip with the kids is often a blast, especially when you choose a destination that is child- friendly. Here is a list of five of the best such destinations; places to make fantastic memories, and not put too much of a dent in the wallet in the year coming.


This Caribbean destination is one of the most popular travel places to go, both because of the beauty of the location and the suitability for a budget trip. There are fantastic beaches to explore (and to sit on, building sand castles), endowed with some of the most magnificent and harmless fauna anywhere. These include the sea turtles and the nurse sharks, which can be visited while snorkelling the shallow waters. 

Further inland, there is a whole variety of wildlife, ranging from growler monkeys to crocs. There are underground rivers, lodges in the jungle, and even swimming holes. For the traditional history lovers, you may want to have a look at the ancient Mayan ruins. The kids can also witness (and maybe even learn) the amazing drumming skills of the locals

Moreover, the primary language in the Belize is English. The whole trip costs relatively little; and there could not be cheaper offers for the wide variety of foods available in this tiny Caribbean destination.


Many tourists have been at loss on where to kick off their vacation fun while in Hawaii. There are so many fantastic places to visit and activities to do. You may want to snorkel, swim or wade at the calm waters at the Kahalu Beach Park, or maybe go watching the volcanic activity of the lava flows on the Big Island or the Thurston Lava Tube. Beaches with white sands are all around; and for those inclined to go deep in the ocean, this is the one chance to get into submarines and start exploring.

Polynesian culture also has a lot to offer; and the locals are warm and very hospitable. The food is cooked to tempt the taste buds; and the small matter of cost is nothing to worry about.


Prague is one compact destination, where you can travel easily and cover in one weekend. Mobility is made very easy by the trams, which is always the fun choice for the kids. However, the place is actually small enough to get around by walking. Architecture in Prague is somewhat mystical, and you could swear that it came from a fairy tale. For instance, there are castles on a hill; while there is an eerily pleasant effect created by the Charles Bridge, and even a more electrifying one at the Old Town Square. There are more goodies for your discovery when you visit!


Summer in Italy is almost heaven on earth. Since Italians love family, there is space for children in almost every aspect of life. Kids can stay up late. You can take them to go eat out. Everyone expects children to be part of the whole package, so one can get to take it easy and stop with the blending in.

Italy has one of the world’s best ice cream. There are other delights such as the pizza, the amazing boat trips on pristine lakes, the surreal Pompeii, the mountains and many other attractions in the country. There are ancient relics from the Roman superpower of the old. Moreover, the effusive welcome from the good people of Italy makes it a very friendly, albeit magical destination.


One of the most underrated places, which is a real heaven on earth, is Iceland. The place has an atmosphere ironic to its name. In Iceland, there are volcanoes that provide heat to warm up whole towns; geysers that make for a breathtaking sight of plumes of steam, huge, hot medicinal pools to take a dip in and the highest waterfalls in the whole of Europe. There is definitely something for everyone of any age in Iceland.

Make sure you check out ahead of planning your family travel in 2014. There are some brilliant destinations just waiting for you and your little entourage. Time to get excited!