December 17, 2012

Berlin with Kids

Think of Germany’s capital Berlin and you’ll probably picture crazy parties, lots of museums and some suspicious-looking street food – not exactly what you might be looking for in a family holiday destination. Berlin is, however, a great place to visit with children. Read on and you’ll see a few reasons why. 

German Technical Museum

Unlike some of the city’s other museums, this one will be a hit with the kids! For a start it has an airplane on its roof – so you won’t miss it! There are all sorts of exhibitions on the go at any time, covering a bit of everything, from trains to planes to the science behind paper and printing.

Unlike many science museums you may have seen, this one is very well maintained and all the interactive activities actually work. There is something for all ages – even the youngest ones – making this a really great option for a rainy day in Berlin.

Berlin Zoo

This zoo boasts the largest number of species of any zoo in the world and is the oldest one in Germany, not to mention Europe’s most visited. It’s located in Berlin’s Tiergarten, a huge green area in the Mitte area of Berlin. So if you were to rent one of Oh-Berlin’s apartments in Mitte, not only would you be right next to the zoo, but you’d actually be in the perfect spot for exploring the rest of the city as well.

As mentioned, the zoo has more species than any other with over 1,500. So it’d be wise to plan for spending a whole day there as even then you’ll struggle to see all of the 17,500 animals! From rhinos to pandas to hippopotamuses to polar bears; Berlin Zoo really does have it all!


There’s not much that kids love more than LEGO, making a visit to the LEGOLAND at Potsdamer Platz a must. Here the children will be encouraged to get involved and play, unlike at some museums you may be used to. With over two million blocks of LEGO used to create this magical and inspiring LEGO world, you can’t help but impressed, no matter what your age.

You’ll get to check out the 4D cinema and try your skills at the Building and Test Centre amongst many other activities. And even the littlest children can join in the fun with a whole centre dedicated to DUPLO – a kind of larger and softer version of LEGO where LEGO-stars of the future can start practicing what it takes to become a LEGO legend.

Open Top Bus

Yes, an open-top bus may make you stand out as a tourist and you may think of it as the cheating way to see a city, but when sightseeing with children it really is something to consider.

Children love to ride on the top deck of the bus where they can see and study the city from their seat, where they tower above the locals. With better views than they would ever get from street-level, the open-top bus tours of Berlin are a hit with the kids.

It’s a win for the parents too, though, as there’ll be a lot less moaning than if the children had walked their way round the Berlin landmarks such as the East Side Gallery and the Brandenburg Gate. There are no excuses for complaining when they don’t have tired legs!

Now that you’ve seen a few of the reasons why Berlin is family-friendly, it’s time to start planning your trip! Whether visiting in winter or in summer, Berlin really is one of Europe’s best city destinations.