October 18, 2012

Alternative Holiday Ideas

Be it Thanksgiving, Christmas, or just a summer vacation, people like to travel to different places with their loved ones to enjoy the holidays. What better way to do it than to relax, explore and tour the world with your family! You can find literally thousands of beautiful and fun destinations around the world to visit. In addition, many popular travel destinations around the world offer promotions and special packages for families. Here are a few vacation ideas that could help you and your family plan for your holiday.

Alternative Holiday Ideas – Going Caravanning

Going caravanning is a fun, comfortable and ideal option for extended or big families. Most modern caravans can accommodate up to 9 people and still remain with extra space! Also, the locations you can go with a caravan are very extensive. Depending on which area you prefer, you can go from beaches to mountains or any other site with a great breathtaking view.

Alternative Holiday Ideas – Going Camping 

Going camping is one of the best ways to bond and connect with your family. It is especially the best option for those who have a busy work schedule and hardly spend any time with their family members. With no computers, television and cell phone distractions, activities like cooking, fishing or setting up camp makes everyone spend quality time together. However, make sure you make it more exciting by including other activities like bonfires, camping games and story telling.

In addition, camping does not require much planning. It can be for a night, a weekend or more. If it’s for a short while, you only need an evening to pack everything and drive to any camping ground. However, make sure you carry enough food, water and sleeping bags.

Alternative Holiday Ideas – Hotels and Resorts

This is a very popular type of family holiday vacation. You can find many all inclusive resorts which offer deluxe pools, water sports, myriad activities and water parks. Some even offer nurseries and fun kids programs for your children. The best thing about vacationing in resorts is that you get to enjoy the convenience, amenities and many services offered. You also get many available drinks, meals, snacks, evening entertainment, and more.

Alternative Holiday Ideas – Going For a Cruise

Although some people initially assume that cruises are quite expensive for a normal vacation, they are actually safe, fun and cost saving. There are many benefits of cruising than other types of vacations. For example, since you are travelling with a ship, you will not have to navigate foreign traffic like you would in a rental car. You can also get everything you want under one roof, from swimming pools, jacuzzis, entertainment, casinos to bars and hotels. Furthermore, passengers are usually given cruise ID cards to eliminate the need of carrying purses and wallets. Therefore, you will not have to fumble with change, carry credit cards, and use checks to pay for souvenirs and other items on board

There are many other vacation ideas you can get for you and your family members. But always remember, the main aim of the vacation is to relax, reconnect and rejuvenate as a family. Therefore, don’t worry about your busy schedule and just enjoy the time!

Don’t forget, a caravan is not covered in your regular motor insurance and you need to buy separate caravan insurance if you plan to go caravanning.

Image by Mick / Lumix