October 24, 2013

5 Best Cruise Trips for Families

Taking the family on a cruise is a great way to spend some time together really enjoying each others company while seeing a bit of the world. There are many cruises that are perfectly planned to suit the whole family, so that while the kids have activities and games to keep them occupied, the parents have fun activities that they will enjoy. This way the whole family gets to really have a great time.

Royal Carribean

The Royal Carribean has newer ships that have a focus on providing entertainment for kids and families, and have incorporated a range of activities to suit members of the family of all different generations. The cruises feature lots of fantastic pools, hot tubs, 3D theatre, rock climbing, ice skating, and surf simulators on board, so kids will be well equipped to have an amazing adventure on board the cruise ship! For more info check out the cruises at http://www.cruiseabout.com.au/


The Norwegian’s newest ships have flexible eating times which makes them a great option for people who have older children who may want to eat at different times to the rest of the family. On the Norwegian cruise trips there are different activities for children of the different age groups, so the activities are focussed based on the specific ages of the children, and include arts and crafts, video games and karaoke. With a jungle gym, space at sea, high tech games room, circus school cinema and much more, there is plenty for kids of all ages to keep them occupied for the whole journey!


The P&O Cruise ships have launched specific cruises to suit children that will be sure to keep your children so happy that they won’t want to go home at the end! Among their many entertainment activities for children, on their Ventura line they include a childrens circus training school so your kids can really learn a new skill as they sail across the ocean. As with many cruise ships, the children are divided into groups according to age and they enjoy activities that suit their age group.

Crystal Serenity

The Crystal Serenity cruises really take it one step further in catering to what children want, and need while aboard one of their cruise lines. The cruises feature a dedicated childrens area and programming focussed on their needs to ensure that children are happy and occupied with activities that they enjoy for the whole cruise including cooking classes and tours of the galley. On some cruises kids under 18 cruise for free, which makes it an enticing holiday option for parents who want to have a holiday without spending too much money!

Carnival Breeze

The Carnival Cruises will delight children, and adults of all ages with rides, an at sea water fun park, activities, a kids club, two outdoor pools and whirlpool. The carnival breeze are one of the cruises where everyone is so happy that at the end the kids are asking if it really is time to go home as they will want to stay on longer!

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