May 19, 2018

What Is Personal Injury? The First Step in Determining If You Have a Case

Personal injury is a widely used term to describe a multitude of incidents that can occur and end in damage to an individual. Some of these incidents can be minor, resulting in minimal injury and a quick resolution, and others can be more damaging, with ongoing injury. These tend to drag out longer.

A typical personal injury case can arise from an automobile accident or medical malpractice, but there are many other types of personal injuries that happen every day.

With all of these potential injuries, how do you know if your auto injury or other incident is enough to justify hiring an attorney and filing a lawsuit? The first step to determine if you have a case is to meet with a personal injury attorney who knows the laws for your state.

Before Your First Personal Injury Attorney Meeting

When you leave your attorney’s office, you obviously are hoping to have received guidance as to your next step and clarification on the process you are about to undertake, one way or another. But your attorney cannot give you clear direction without all of the facts.

The more information, medical records and documentation you can obtain and bring to your meeting, the better your attorney can get a picture of what is going on and where it needs to lead. From there, you will know if you have a case.

Before your first meeting, you should obtain as much documentation regarding your injury as you possibly can.

At Your First Personal Injury Attorney Meeting

During your first meeting, it can be an intimidating process. Knowing what to expect ahead of time can help you not only feel more confident about what is happening, but think on your feet and be ready to ask questions.

At your first meeting, your attorney will most likely have you sign a release form to get your medical records from any health care providers, even if you already have gotten what you can. You will be expected to provide any relevant insurance coverage information as well, and tell the attorney exactly what you have told the insurance adjusters if you have spoken with them or anyone else.

Be prepared to discuss all of your injuries and the consequences of them. Have you lost any income? Are there things you used to do that you are unable to do since your accident?

From there, the lawyer will likely release you from the meeting to research your case and determine whether you have sufficient cause to pursue a personal injury lawsuit.

The First Step is Important, Don’t Skip It!

Many people think they can handle a personal injury claim by themselves, especially with automobile accidents. Getting legal help after your car accident is the easiest, smartest way to ensure that the insurance companies pay your medical payments and any loss of income. Your attorney can also help you receive any other compensation you are entitled to.

Think ahead – the smart thing to do as soon as you have received a personal injury is to contact an attorney to guide you in the beginning steps.