April 11, 2016

Touring Casinos – thoughts to keep in mind while having fun

If you’re planning a trip to the casino, no doubt you’ll want to try your luck on the slot machines. The machines tend to be weighted in favor of the house, and are entirely dependent on luck, so more seasoned bettors usually prefer to play other games where they have a better chance of winning. Even so, if you’re only playing for fun, there are still lots of ways in which slot machine players can give themselves an edge.


Start with the payout chart

For those who wish to play slots, it pays not to play blind. Make sure you know what you’re getting into with the machine by reading the payout chart. Understand the rules, and learn which combos will lead to an avalanche of coins being spewed out of the machine. By understanding the payout chart you’ll know when to bet the maximum and when to keep your stakes smaller. Of course, learning all of this won’t alter your chances of winning or losing, but it’s better than blindly tugging on the lever and hoping the lights and sirens will go off.

Keep an eye on your bankroll

Strict bankroll management is essential for any type of gambling game, but even more so in the case of slot machines as these are some of the riskiest games you’ll find in any casino. The main rule of smart bankroll management is to set yourself limits for winning and losing. Then, keep playing until you either win the amount you hoped for, or walk away once you hit your loss limit. If you ignore this fundamental rule you are at risk in losing a lot of money, way too fast even before you can realize it. It’s better to keep this important bankroll thought in mind before it’s too late, right?

By extension, keep your cool in avoiding playing the slot machines every day. If it’s Saturday, come and play, or at least once every week but don’t make a habit of it by playing all throughout the week.

Control your temper

Playing slot machines is supposed to be a fun, entertaining experience, so don’t let them get you frustrated. Most people can avoid getting angry while playing, but some will find themselves in a fit of rage if they end up losing too much money. For those who find themselves slamming coins into the slot, it’s time to take a break. It’s difficult to think sensibly when you’re angry, but you need to do so in order to win money at the casino. So, step outside, chill out for a few minutes and return playing when you’re calmer.

Keep your winnings

This is the single most important tip. If you find yourself ahead, don’t continue playing, because the likelihood is you’ll just return it all to the casino. Keep to your original bankroll plan, even if you accidentally win more than what you were hoping for. It’s a wonderful feeling to hit the jackpot, but that feeling quickly dissipates when you feed all your profits back into the machine. Take your winnings and enjoy them instead, whether it’s by going to see a show or enjoying a nice dinner.

The “hot and cold” myth

One of Las Vegas’ most persistent myths is that slot machines run “hot and cold”. The idea stems from the belief that if a machine hasn’t paid out for a while, the jackpot must be “due”. This is rubbish of course, because the odds remain the same no matter what. Don’t be influenced by silly gambling myths.