April 9, 2016

Top 5 Uses of Deep Flow & High Capacity Guttering



Guttering systems are important. There is no denying this. Even though it is not clearly visible to the naked eye, guttering systems and pipes are hidden in a way that it works like our internal organs. In many aspects of large scale industry, including in simple homes, guttering systems play a significant role in getting rid of water (hence the name “guttering”).

Transporting water from one point to another is one thing, but getting rid of water can be a great challenge. This is especially true for those who work on large spacious areas and buildings. The flow of water is more and the guttering capacity increases in size, length and area. Unknown to most homeowners and mainstream DIY enthusiasts, there are several uses of this larger scaled system.

General guttering systems

In general, guttering systems enable us to control the flow of excessive water. In modern home systems, these units are generally referred to as “miniline guttering”, where mini means small scale in this case. This simple yet effective system brings the water from our homes generated by rainfall (or melting snow) into an external city/town drainage system. Without one, building foundations will be slowly and inevitably destroyed.

On the other hand, deep flow high capacity guttering serves the same purpose but on a larger scale. The main difference between this system and a miniline guttering system is its increased capacity which will enable larger volumes of water to be transported rapidly and safely along a pipeline. With a larger flow rate, density, length and depth, the higher capacity is required by larger buildings with steep roofs and construction sites to effectively get rid of water.

5 Uses Of Deep Flow & High Capacity Guttering

Although in its heart, deep flow high capacity guttering serve exactly the same purpose but on a larger scale. Some examples where and why deep flow guttering might be used can be due to these circumstances:

  • Large and tall buildings (especially those with longer and steeper sloped roofs) will need a larger drainage system to increase water drainage capacity.
  • Although not limited to larger buildings, even homes can be equipped with deep flow high capacity guttering if located in areas where excessive rainfall occurs.
  • Using this system enables a more effective water transport and increases its flow rate.
  • The larger length and depth of a high capacity guttering system enables a drainage system to be more effective and sturdy due to more available parts and accessories as opposed to miniline systems.
  • In addition to miniline systems, most modern high capacity guttering can also be “beautified” to suit modern home designs and increases the prosthetic looks of a home.


Simply put, deep flow systems enable water transport at a larger scale. Depending on the needs of a specific building or home, installing a larger scale system enables a more effective system. However, for most homeowners, this system is most likely not necessary if low frequencies of rainfall is evident. If we do however live in an area where rainfall is remarkably high, then considering a larger system might be worthwhile. There are many designs available and many companies supply these larger scaled products, which can be asked about when comparing the difference between more mainstream products.