November 16, 2012

Have a Fun Family Trip to Portugal this Winter

Portugal is one of best places in the world to experience. Known for its determination to preserve its culture, traditions and arts Portugal has successfully shown everyone around the world just how colorful and magical their festivals and carnivals are. This winter is no different as Portugal is pulling out all the stops to make for a fun family trip.

If you’re planning to have a winter vacation, get yourself ready and prepare your flights to Faro or anywhere else in Portugal and witness the essence of cultures and traditions colliding. Here are five perfect events that promise all the fun and spill you’ll need this winter season.

National Horse Fair

This is one exciting event that happens in November that you and your family will surely enjoy. Beginning in the late 18th century and continuing strong up until now, Portugal’s National Horse Fair has gathered people from all around the world to witness the prestige and elegance of Portuguese riders. The fair events include equestrian games, carriage marathons and races. Created to showcase the importance of the Lusitano horse, the event also features a parade of horses with riders in costumes and feathered hats. Exhibits and art galleries will also make this a must-attend festival.

San Martino Day

A luscious feast for everyone, San Martino is celebrated in November as a sign of thankfulness to St. Martin. Also celebrated for the maturation of wine, friends and families, including tourists all around the world, celebrate the day by drinking and tasting the wonderfully made wines of the country. Alongside the making merry people also celebrate by eating roasted chestnuts by the fire.

Immaculate Conception Day

Since Portugal has strong Christian traditions, the day of Immaculate Conception has great significance in the country and is celebrated country-wide in December. A patron feast where everyone is urged to go to church and thank the Lady of Immaculate Concepcion for guiding their lives, this event is a great time for families to bond and mix with locals, savoring the old and new traditions of the country. After church events, locals then offer food to all. Be sure to make room!

Mardi Gras Festival

Kicking off in January, Mardi Gras is one of the most enjoyable festivals in Portugal. The participants of parades wear colorful and attractive masks, dancing and singing all the way. Home to booths of different colors showcasing individual attractions related to Portuguese culture, Mardi Gras is also home to circus acts and acrobatics promising great fun for everyone.

Ano Novo

There could never be a better place to experience an Ano Novo or New Year but in Portugal. The amazingly enthusiastic new year spirit of the country is surreal and full of the passion and enthusiasm that the country exhibits year round. New year festivities in Portugal are events full of color, love, fireworks and of course, festivities and food.

Fun and excitement can be found everywhere in Portugal this winter. Take your pick of events and let us know which you and your family enjoy most!