August 15, 2017

Getting off to a Great Start Every Morning


live in a world that tries to convince us that every second you are taking time to relax and get your thoughts together, you are merely wasting time, You need to be connected and engaged and in the flow of news and information. The challenge with this is that by not taking yourself out of the flow, you can never re-energize and reduce stress.

Perhaps the best time to keep yourself out of the stress is in the morning before you connect to it. This is a special time. Your body has had a change to relax and your mind has been calm for an extended period. You need to extend this period and give yourself a chance to gradually get into the flow. Here are the things you should do to help you get going the right way in the morning.

Consume Room Temperature Water

The human body needs a near constant supply of water for optimum health. It stores some in reserve for when you go without it for longer than acceptable periods and gives you strong signals when you need to consume water. When you sleep your body is using its supply of water to nourish your body’s cells, organs and muscles. By the time you awake you are dehydrated and need to ingest water for your good health. The best way to take in this water is at room temperature because it becomes available to your body faster. When water is too cold or hot, the body goes into a sight state of shock and must cool or heat the water before it can use be used. Cold water can be great for some things. But for calm, room temperature water is the right way to go. Consuming this water will both energize you and provide you with calm. It is the perfect ways to start your day.

Take a Relaxing Shower

The next step is to get into a relaxing shower and allow the water to sooth you. There is an immediate calming effect when you have water flowing over your body. Whether you like the water cool, warm or hot, the effect is the same, you get transported to someplace nice. If you have limited mobility or just want to get the maximum effect you should get a walk in shower installed. A walk in shower is extra wide and allows you to sit in the shower and fully relax while you have the water rush over you.

Do Some Light Stretching

When you sleep you assume many different positions during the night. Each of these positions will tighten certain muscles in the body. In some cases your sleeping position and habits will create very tight muscles. Tight muscles will lead to tension and stress and you will take this with you throughout the day. If it happens constantly you will have tight muscles and get muscle cramps often. A ways to alleviate all of this is to have a light stretch after your shower. The shower will loosen you up somewhat and you can use this benefit to lean into some delicate but helpful muscle pulling. Your goal is to gently ease into stretches and to slowly push through them with an emphasis on holding rather than going to deep into a stretch. If you feel any pain, you should stop immediately and consult a doctor. Stretching the right way loosens muscles and relieves stress.

Once you complete this routine you will be ready to reconnect and get your day going feeling calm and energized.