January 21, 2014

Four Seasons of Family Holidays

For the average family, cheap holidays are the perfect (and sometimes only) way to experience the world’s most exciting destinations. That said, there are a few obvious pitfalls that tourists should avoid if at all possible.

One of the most important factors when deciding on a family destination is weather. Well-travelled families know that there is nothing fun about spending loads of time outdoors in the dead of winter or fighting for a place on a crowded beach during the height of summer. The trick is finding the perfect destination at the right time of year.

For families who are flexible and willing to travel last minute or off-peak, there are plenty of fantastic deals to be had. Here are just a few ideas of some seasonal destinations for the adventurous and economical family holiday.


While many European cities are bustling during the summer, this can also mean long lines and expensive accommodation. The winter months in culturally rich cities like Florence, Paris or Berlin are great holiday options for families. Home to some of the most magnificent museums in the world, these cities offer parents and children the chance to wander through ancient art collections and sip hot chocolate in local cafes without the hassle or distraction of summertime crowds.


By spring, most families are itching for some sunshine. While the approaching summer months are sure to be sweltering and swarming with tourists on most of the Mediterranean coast, April is early enough to avoid the crowds and still indulge in the warming temperatures.

Destinations like Mallorca, Sicily and the Turkish coast are not only beautiful, but in April, they are still considered off-peak so families can get lower rates on everything from accommodation to day excursions.


From blueberry fields to well-stocked lakes, Scandinavian holidays during the summer months are as idyllic as they come. Thanks to wild camping regulations and abundant natural resources, families can source free accommodation and maybe even meals if they’re keen on foraging. Escaping to the northern regions of Sweden, Finland or Norway means families can revel in the long days, short nights, magnificent scenery, stunning wildlife, and if you’re lucky – a glimpse of the aurora borealis that you and your family will never forget.


For families looking to travel further afield during the autumn, America is a fantastic destination. The all-American road trip makes for a fantastic family holiday and guarantees adventure. Whether you meander through New England to see the changing leaves, venture to the ancient Redwood forests of the Pacific Northwest or drive all the way across the country; food, fuel and accommodation are reasonably priced and many of the country’s natural attractions cost little if anything to experience.

Images by Udo, Miguel Virkkunen Carvalho, Carsten Frenzl and Luke Detwiler used under creative commons license.