November 26, 2016

Design Features for New American Homes

There are many amazing Design Features for New American Homes

Photo by Adamwe12 on English Wikipedia

One of the great things about a newly built home is that you have an opportunity to carefully consider the construction and design elements that are important to you, and can choose a builder who can help you make your vision a reality. In the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, Grand Homes, an award-winning industry leader in home construction will be able to help you at all stages of the process.

Here are great features to consider as you think about building your new American home.

Outdoor Living Space

A backyard is great, but what many American homeowners really want is outdoor living space that, unlike a traditional yard, is a functional extension of indoor living space. This means that outdoor spaces are being created with attention to things like entertainment features like sound and lighting systems, comfort features like sun and rain protection and heating systems, and of course a mini-kitchen function with storage for outdoor dishes, a fire pit or BBQ and other amenities. Think of this space as an outdoor living room rather than a back yard.

More Bedrooms

Perhaps this is a function of more blended families or of families with young adults remaining in the home longer, but there is a growing demand for homes with at least 3 bedrooms and even for 4. And with more bedrooms comes the inevitable preference for more bathrooms as well. On average, new homes have at least 3.

Two Car Garages – At Least

Especially in suburban areas, garages are being designed to accommodate at least 2 cars, and also to offer storage solutions for outdoor items like lawn mowers, bikes, garden supplies and more.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is at the top of the list for buyers, and there is no better time to ensure that your new home meets this requirement then at the design stage. The most obvious elements of efficiency are the appliances in the home, the heating and cooling systems, and water-saving features. And whether you live in a cold or hot climate, quality insulation, weather-guarding, double and triple-paned windows, and high-tech materials and techniques will go a long way towards keeping energy costs down.

Natural Materials

More than simply an aesthetic trend, the preference for natural materials related to the desire of many people to have a home that is as “green” as possible. This includes exterior materials, with stucco and vinyl giving way to stone and brick, and interior materials – linoleum, plastics and laminates are less likely to appear in high-quality constructions, given the trend towards natural and sustainable materials.

Smart Homes

It is hard to believe that we have arrived “to the future” when it comes to the automation that is possible in modern American homes, but here we are! From lights to heat, security to sound, the basic systems of many new homes can controlled by central panels or even via smartphone apps.

In-Floor Radiant Heating

For homes in cold climates, or even just to protect against a chilly December night, many new homes are fitted with in-floor radiant heat. There are a number of clear advantages over traditional forced air systems, including greater energy, the elimination of the need for duct work, and a more even heating throughout the home.

You only get to build your new home once – make sure that you take advantage of the new materials, techniques and trends with a bit of research and planning!