January 11, 2013

Cheap Holidays to Turkey

Holidays and vacations do not always mean having to spend a lot of money just to enjoy and have the best times of your life. There are definitely more than enough options to choose from, especially if you are looking for something different and refreshing. If you are up for some adventures under a warm climate, Turkey is one country that you’ve got to consider. Whether you are planning to get a tan at the beach or perhaps wanting to explore history and culture, you will definitely enjoy having the best yet cheap holidays in Turkey.

Cheap Holidays to Turkey – Where to Go

This country has become quite a popular destination for tourists from every part of the globe, obviously because of its charming setting and breathtaking scenery. If you are a nature lover, you will surely fall in love at this place with its exquisite beaches that feature white sands and beautiful sunsets. Be sure to visit Turkey’s most popular city, Istanbul and brace yourself for a lot of fun and new experiences.

Turkey also showcases the finest and most beautiful beaches, with Olu deniz being the most popular one. Whether you’re planning to go on sunbathing, swimming or just taking a lot of photos and memories, you are absolutely in for some adventure. If you are spending your cheap holidays to Turkey with kids, don’t forget to bring them to the medieval Castle of St. Peter and let them roam around, laugh together and just have some quality time with the whole family.

Cheap Holidays to Turkey – What to Do

Being in a foreign country means you will never run out of new things to do and to try – and this is exactly how your cheap holidays to Turkey should be. First things first, and this is something you should never miss – the Turkish bath. This has been a tradition not only to tourists but even to locals as well. The Turkish bath is usually offered at most hotels, and make it a point to ask before booking your stay.

You can also go shopping in one of the oldest markets in the world – the Grand Bazaar. Here you will find a lot of souvenir items, designer shops and boutiques, and a whole lot more. Feel like partying? Head on to Marmaris and Bodrum where you can find a lot of bars and restaurants. Nightlife has never been this fun and sophisticated as you also get to enjoy it while at the country’s largest yachting marina.

Cheap Holidays to Turkey – What to Eat

One thing you’ll need to remember as you go through your cheap holidays to Turkey, is that they don’t usually serve hot food as doing so is considered an insult to their beliefs and traditions. Nevertheless, you will still enjoy eating out and having a taste of everything Turkey has to offer. If you’re with family or friends, it is more affordable to choose a self catering holiday wherein you can have the flexibility and the choice to pick your meals throughout your stay. This means being able to try everything from seafood to vegetables and rice.

CC World Bank Photo Collection