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Historic Culture Vacations with Kids

October 9, 2014 admin 0

It’s so important to teach and show children other cultures. Nobody grows up understanding that other people may live differently (and why) unless someone points it out to them. The increased diversity that we are now experiencing means that we need to equip our kids with o …

Tips for traveling: Common Problems Solved

April 14, 2014 admin 0

Traveling with your family can be a wonderful, memorable experience. It can be so rewarding sharing the excitement and adventure of exploring new places with your children and loved ones.

Hotel Accidents

April 7, 2014 admin 0

When accidents occur in hotels, injured people often don’t realize that the hotel may be liable to pay compensation. Having an accident in a hotel is not like having one at home because the hotel is responsible for maintenance and keeping the place safe for guests. It’s a …

Family-Friendly Restaurants in Dubai

February 4, 2014 admin 0

Family dining can be a bit of an ordeal, especially when you’re on holiday and things are out of your control. Anyone thinking of heading to glamorous Dubai for a family break might be a bit apprehensive about finding good places to eat that will be up to the task of pleasi …

Top 3 Things to Do Online When the Kids Have Gone to Bed

January 15, 2014 admin 0

Having kids is one of the most rewarding things you’ll ever do, but anyone who has kids also accepts that in between school runs and trying to mould your children into happy healthy and fulfilled human beings, there’s not much time left for yourself.