March 17, 2016

Berlin – Europe’s capital of Art!

The German capital is home to the greatest number of artists anywhere in Europe! Thus, art, culture and music lovers will definitely have the time of their life when visiting this amazing city. This short article will give you a few interesting tips regarding exhibitions, museums and other great art happenings in Berlin.   

Photo, oil or copperplate – Exhibitions and galleries in Berlin

You will find loads of those all around the “Fat B” – as locals like to call their town! To get a great feel for the historic arts, a visit in Berlin’s cathedral will be a real eye opener! Alone the majestic building is truly a humbling sight. On top, the cathedral quite often hosts amazing art exhibitions, which focus on art of long past epochs. The “Museum Mitte” is great for a family day, which invites you to take a trip into the city’s history. Two school rooms from 1860 and many themed exhibitions will offer you and your kids an amazing view into long forgotten days. Also famous local artists – for example the talented photographer Karl-Ludwig Lange from Berlin-Koepenik – use this legendary museum to present their master pieces. The exhibits displayed in the “Berlinische Galerie” in Kreuzberg are just as impressive, although much more recent! Best you check out the website form the “Museums Portal Berlin”, which showcases all the fantastic museums this city has to offer!


Street art in Berlin – the entire city is a gallery …

If you walk along the streets of Berlin with open eyes, you will realize that you are surrounded by art – all the time! This can be in form of extremely creative graffiti, funny flyers or beautiful knitted covers for trees, lamp posts and other things. Street musicians from all walks of life, artists and other creative people form the colourful and very lively picture of this city. Places like the “Teufelsberg” in Charlottenburg, the East Side Gallery (the longest open air gallery in the world!) or the “Eisfabrik” in Berlin Mitte are just some places where street art can be seen in its most emotional and beautiful forms. Although written in Germen, the blog “artlocal” will give you a great insight in Berlin’s street art with fantastic photos and videos.

To experience Berlin is to experience art

This might sound a bit strange at first, but if you find the time to just sit down in a small little café and take a good look at the daily urban life, you will see what we mean. Berlins population is so diverse, it’s simply great fun to relax and observe. Here a group of stylish hipsters float by, there a very wealthy looking gentleman with a young and breath-taking beauty in his arms looks totally in love. The musician on the other side of the street is playing Bob Dylan …  The vibe, the flair, the ambience of Berlin makes you realize why so many artists from all over the globe have chosen this city as their home.