November 14, 2016

What to Look for When You Add a Garden Shed to Your Precious Yard

Want to Add a Garden Shed to Your Precious Yard? This post will tell you what you need to know

Image by brasspaperclip via Flickr

You’ve discovered you have a love of gardening. For some of you, it was the delight at growing fruit and veg that you can actually incorporate into your baking and cooking…and, of course, eat fresh. Well-kept gardens are lovingly tended and there’s a lot of joy from the fruits of your labour – literal and figurative fruits!

But the more you work on your garden, the more you prune and design a layout, the more you begin to think about what you’ll do next year, and determine your ratio of perennials and annuals, how many herbs and the clever way you’ll label them – you’re finding you’re acquiring more and more tools. And by tools, it means the different kinds of mulch and fertilizer; it means potting and re-potting, and general fussiness around your prized plants. You’ve seen them on HGTV, you’ve seen them in neighbours’ yards and now you want one of your own: a garden shed.

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The Eternal Why

The first step is deciding why you need one – even people who boast a barn in their yard are finding they still need a gardening shed. They just need a place for their rakes and shovels, pots and push mowers.

Location, Location, Location

Next, decide where you want to put the shed. You want easy access to your garden. You don’t want to obscure any views. Be sure you look at your property from every angle.

Size Counts

Size DOES count. This is not the time to guesstimate how you’re going to use it and how many items you want to put it in. Because, trust us, once you get a shed, it will become instinctual to think, each time you’re on a shop: “Oh, I can put that in my shed”. Think of the stuff you have now and the stuff you know you want and will eventually get.


Yes, it’s your property. But some local councils require permits, even for sheds. Be sure you look into this before you start shopping. In addition to building permits, you may find that there are stipulations about where on your property you can place your shed. Issues of concern include proximity to other structures as well as property lines.

Shed Some Light

See what we did there? Shed some light? Unless you are fond of working at night or live in an area where the nights are long and days are short, you don’t need electricity – consider a skylight which is wonderful and allows natural light to shine in.

Under Foot

What about the floor of your shed? Some suggest crushed stones, redwood chips, deconstructed granite, concrete slabs or cinder blocks.

Personality Plus

Some homeowners like the idea of coordinating the colour, theme, design or basic shape with their houses. You may have heard the expression “girl shed” which not unlike the themes found in glamour camping or “glamping.” Would it be called “glamdening?” Before you begin painting, staining or sealing, think about touches you might want to add – a window? A window box with flower or herbs? A double door? A Dutch door? You can make it as simple or as unique as you like (or as your budget will allow).

But don’t just take our word for it. You can find several resources online that pronounce it can offer you helpful tips in buying a garden shed. Securing your shed is as essential as any other preventative or protective move you make on your garden shed.

Take note of the points we’ve discussed above. If you have other questions, feel free to drop it in the Comments.