What draws people to the sauna?

September 27, 2022 Steve 0

Finnish people have historically used saunas more than anybody else for both health and pleasure. In Finland, 90% of the population visits a sauna at least once every week. People are “saunaing” (yes, that is a real phrase!) as part of their normal routines as a r …

Quality Foot Filing with No Cuts or Bruises – Bebe Foot Glass

March 8, 2022 Steve 0

The one-minute care foot filer, Bebe Foot Glass, has launched on Kickstarter. Bebe Foot Glass is a 100% glass all-in-one foot filer, equipped with hard and soft glass for foot care at the top, and a nail shiner for your manicure needs at the bottom. The unique glass pattern l …

How Does Electricity Generation Affect the Environment?

March 6, 2022 Steve 0

The United States consumes 3,902 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity every year. The massive amount of electricity generation required to fill this demand affects our natural environment in many ways. Electricity generates waste such as greenhouse gases if non-renewable sou …

How To Get Your Child Excited For Bed Time

September 26, 2021 Steve 0

There are a lot of ways to get your child excited for bedtime. You can try the usual routine, but sometimes it doesn’t seem to work. We tend to go through the same routine with our kids, day in and day out. And if you have been wondering “where is the fun” this arti …