4 Ways To Make Your Summer House Cosy  

August 19, 2017 Steve 0

A summer house in your garden can be used for all sorts of purposes. It can be transformed into an art studio for crafts and painting, a space for writing, or a hobby room in general. Or, it could be a special space to just relax and enjoy the good weather.  On sunnier days, …

Taking Care of your Radiators

April 18, 2016 Steve 0

Image by Ann Sophie Landou via Flickr Investing in an excellent system to heat your home is a must in the UK winter, and it is equally important to make sure that you buy good quality radiators. Quite often they are overlooked, and by choosing the correct style, as well as th …

4 DIY Christmas Wreath Ideas

March 21, 2016 Steve 0

Few things scream Christmastime so much as seeing the wreaths go up across the neighborhood. These days, people often simply head to the department store and pick up a store-bought wreath. There is nothing wrong with that, of course, but if you want something more personal fo …