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Five Things to Enjoy at a Minor League Baseball Game

May 9, 2018 Steve 0

Baseball has long been considered America’s pastime. It’s the oldest of the major organized team sports. While other sports can argue their place in American history, baseball evokes memories of small boys getting their first taste of playing baseball as well as m …

Patching the Leak: Are You Spending Your Money Rationally?

May 2, 2018 Steve 0

Your credit score is so much more than a simple three-digit number. It is also the key to getting a great deal on a mortgage or can be the obstacle that is stopping you from getting your next job. This three-digit number is what lenders use to evaluate your credit risk, and a …

Family Vacation Advice

April 28, 2018 Steve 0

When it comes to family life, there are a number of trials and tribulations one has to overcome in order to keep the family unit afloat. There are financial concerns, for starters, making sure everything and everyone is taken care of. That, and humans may be social animals, b …