Things to do in Rome with locals

March 17, 2016 Steve 0

Rome, also known as the Eternal City, is a city that has no shortage of famous tourist attractions. Despite this, many people seek to experience this city in the way the locals understand it, as it they feel that it is the more authentic way to travel. If this is what you wis …

The 5 Best Beach Resorts In Italy

December 22, 2013 admin 0

Famous for its millennial culture and the diversity of its various provinces, Italy has about 7,600 km of shoreline, which, coupled with the Mediterranean climate, offer the perfect setting for a vacation at almost any time for the year. This amazing country is also known for …

Fun Things to do in Lapland

November 16, 2013 admin 0

Lapland is known as the magical winter wonderland of Europe. Spanning across the north of Sweden, Finland, Norway and Kola Peninsula, this region that lies within the Arctic Circle has 200 days of winter, unending expanses of shimmery snow and a huge array of flora and fauna …

A Foodie Guide To The Cote d’Azur

November 2, 2013 admin 0

The Cote d’Azur or French Riviera, as it is commonly known, is host to some of the finest restaurants and eateries in the world. Whether you’re looking for high class fine dining, seafront views, or back-street authentic French cuisine, at the foot of the Alps, th …

Visiting Stratford upon Avon

October 21, 2013 admin 0

Stratford upon Avon is the birthplace of the world’s most famous playwright, William Shakespeare, and it has a whole wealth of attractions based around this fact. In this article we offer a guide to the best of Stratford upon Avon for a first time visitor and Shakespeare en …