Rental Generators: 10 Questions To Ask Your Power Provider

December 24, 2018 Steve 0

Generators come in handy in providing temporary emergency power supply to our homes and offices. They also help supply electricity in areas where mains electricity is either unavailable or has been disconnected. They come in handy in various applications and events such as we …

Top Tips for Creating Videos Like a Professional

November 19, 2018 Steve 0

Video editing has become a favorite past time for many people who want to create videos that they can market, or share with their friends. Creating videos has become much easier based on the creation of new software and hardware that are available for low cost and that work s …

Planning to quit your job? How to put your finances in order

September 28, 2018 Steve 0

There are many reasons why you’d want to quit your job. It could be that your personal situation has changed recently or that you want to actively pursue new dreams. It could also be that you have simply fallen out of love with your current position. Regardless of your reas …

Is Your Family’s Online Presence Safe?

May 25, 2016 Steve 0

Do you ever wonder as a parent how safe it is for your family to spend time on the Internet each and every day? While millions and millions of peoples surf the worldwide web on a daily basis without the slightest of problems, others find themselves being targeted, specificall …