A Guide To Consolidating Your Debts

January 10, 2017 Steve 0

INTRODUCTION Debt consolidation is a type of debt refinancing strategy that works by replacing multiple unsecured debts with a new large loan, which usually has a more favourable repayment plan (lower monthly payment and interest rate). Oftentimes, applying for a debt consoli …

How to Improve Your Financial Outlook

January 2, 2017 Steve 0

They say that it is the root of all evil and the unfortunate truth is that this description of money is worryingly accurate. For many of us, money is the biggest cause of stress and strain in our lives, the biggest concern that many of us have and the one thing that occupies …

How to Get the Cash for Your Dream Purchase

July 14, 2016 Steve 0

Every one has that dream purchase, perhaps it is a car, a house, a vacation or something a little smaller, either way not being able to buy this can be a real pain. Nine times out of ten, this dream purchase is out of reach for us financially, especially once you take into a …