Planning to quit your job? How to put your finances in order

September 28, 2018 Steve 0

There are many reasons why you’d want to quit your job. It could be that your personal situation has changed recently or that you want to actively pursue new dreams. It could also be that you have simply fallen out of love with your current position. Regardless of your reas …

Planning a Family Reunion in the San Francisco Bay Area

September 19, 2018 Steve 0

Are you looking for a place to have your family reunion in the San Francisco Bay area? This part of the country offers lots of choices for families looking to gather with their brood. There are several different types of options from the most formal resorts to campgrounds tha …

Life in the Fast Lane: The Pros and Cons of Owning a Motorcycle

September 11, 2018 Steve 0

Motorcycles are viewed in many ways by different people. Some consider them unsafe and impractical, whilst others appreciate how quick, easy and economical they can be. At some point, many of us will consider getting a bike. The number that actually follows through on that wi …

6 Fun and Creative Ways to Enjoy Cashews Every Day

September 6, 2018 Steve 0

The humble but popular cashew is one of the tastiest nut varieties to snack on. However, enjoying cashews on their own can get a little old after a while, even if you do add some natural spices or include them in trail mixes. Thankfully, there are some fun and creative ways y …

Why Your Business Should Be Investing in the Best Equipment

August 31, 2018 Steve 0

A recent report from Entrepreneur magazine looking at the top 6 small business statistics has found that of the large numbers of businesses that fail each and every year, the majority of those fail owing to a lack of investment. For a long time it was considered that these bu …