November 1, 2012

A Golden Idea

Bulgaria is known for its cheapness, in terms of food and alcohol. You wouldnít be wrong, however itís quickly becoming known more for its fantastic summer resorts on the Black Sea coast, including the picturesque Golden Sands.

Youíll find great package deals to Golden Sands, and I think itís a fantastic choice of destination for families, with a beautiful beach and plenty to keep everyone occupied. The resort is also surrounded by countryside, so itís a walker and nature loverís dream.

If youíre arranging your holiday separately, there are many cheap flights available to Varna airport, thanks to low cost airlines, and youíll find accommodation fairly cheap too. Thankfully, itís a relatively short transfer, so itís win-win!

Iíd recommend looking at airport extras to lower the cost of your travel arrangements further, and one service I use all the time is airport parking. Youíll find this service on offer at most UK airports, and there are great deals to be had too, not to mention the convenience it brings. Iíve used Birmingham Airport parking and had no complaints at all. Also, if youíre heading out of Ireland, youíre not forgotten, with car parking at Dublin Airport offered too, so thereís no excuse not to save before you fly.

Golden Sands is a resort that will appeal to most holidaymakers, as yes, itís great for families, but itís vibrant night-life also attracts groups wanting to party. You can really make your holiday whatever you want it to be, and a reliable bus service around the area makes it easy to explore further if the mood takes you.

If you do feel the need to head out of resort, Iíd suggest you head to Varna, especially if youíre into history and architecture.

However, for me, itís all about the beach, and Golden Sands has a great one, with lots of water-sports on offer. If you get the chance to go parasailing Ė do it! Of course, you need a head for heights, but I loved it, and would definitely do it again. Alternatively, kids will love the water-park for a dayís splashing around.

Night fall means the level of action is cranked up a notch, however if you donít want to party, youíll find hotel entertainment and quieter bars around too. Food-wise, nobody will go hungry, as there are plenty of international restaurants and menus around, with something to suit everyone.

For a cheap holiday, Bulgaria is a great choice, and Golden Sands ticks all the boxes and more. Be sure to cut costs wherever possible, with airport parking being a must in my opinion. All London airports offer this, including parking at Stansted Airport, so if youíre heading out of the capital, check it out.

Sun, sand, cheap beer, fun and laughter, itís what holidays are all about.

Image by Klearchos Kapoutsis